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James Faure Walker


Do I have to explain why I make pictures this way? Does it matter any more that I work both digitally and with real paint? Well, I used to worry about this, and published a book on the subject. Put software and the painting process together and you have a wonderful mix: you blend and twist geometry, you orchestrate colour however you like, throw photos in, dream up patterns, make endless changes without disturbing the surface. But perhaps it isnít so different - no more than whether a novelist uses a Bic or Word. Your subject matter, your obsessions, your imagination remain the same - and so do your limitations. In my case every now and then I get back to pigeons, and then I get back to playing around with shapes, colour, light and movement.



DAM - Digital Art Museum

Dark Filament 2006 - archival inkjet print, 112 x 134 cms

Train Ticket to Milan 2007 - oil on canvas
173 x 213 cms

Pigeon, November 6, 2012, archival inkjet print, 46.9 x 63.5 cms

Jack - oil on canvas, 148 x 173 cms