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Paul Tecklenberg


I am mesmerised by the rhythm and flow of the drapery as it cascades and tumbles. The gauze acts as a boundary between two different territories; the public and private, transparent and hidden, inside and out. The green and orange glow is like a barometer as it reflects varying light levels.

Much of my practice is about perception; revealing what is usually hidden. This has taken the form of revealing the intimate details of an alcoholic's life (in the video piece 'Lift'), or experimenting with photographic paper, objects and drawings to make images that resemble medical x-rays or microscopic images of what looks like bacteria, viruses or cell structures. However, on closer inspection, they are fabricated from things you would find inside a kitchen cupboard or bathroom cabinet.



Heaven & Hell - Doors

Heaven & Hell - Library

Fenestra I

Fenestra II

Cabinet of curiosity I

Fenster Scheibe - Grün