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Bill Watston


The subject of these works is the relationship between word and object - an interest in language, its interpretive use, its power over vision - the area where words become incoherent and meaning fails - where gaps and slippage occur between thoughts and words, objects and their names.

Craft is camouflage, creating wooden chameleons. Some aspects of these works might be seen as demonstrations of speculation and reflection; other aspects a search for the contrary. The objects are curious, elliptical and oblique.

They are made at a time when knowledge is inadequately sought through observation, measurement, analysis, recording, classification - an age of percentages. In my tortuous manner of making I hope to allow birds, books, boats, bottles and song an escape route from an apparent, all pervasive certainty of nomination to allow them a space to become that which they could not be before - fleetingly transformed, momentarily nameless.

Complex - hand print colour photograph, h72cm x w102cm

Tiger Tale - photomontage
h84cm x w59.7cm