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The Open 2017 Newsletter

A newsletter has been released dedicated to the Open. You can download it here

It includes details about all the prizes and also articles by previous prize winners including the three recipients of the President's prize who put on a three person show in the Cello Factory this year. Cadi Froehlich, Martin Heron and Darren Nisbett have all gone on to become members of the group. There are also reviews of recent London Group shows at Felix & Spear and Watermans New Media Centre and a report from the lively London Group film night.

The newsletter also includes the latest Press Release about the Open which lists the 70 odd members who are exhibiting this year.

Thanks to Nicola Schauerman and Claire Parrish for putting this newsletter together and Parker Harris for the Press Release.

March 2017 Newsletter

Another colourful newsletter is published with details of past, current and upcoming shows.

The newsletter also welcomes new members to the group. Congratulations to

This will be Annie John's last newsletter as editor. For years she has generated and gathered the news, stories and data from all corners of The Group's activities, turning this into a record of immense value, which has been cherished by all. Thanks Annie.

You can read the newsletter here

The London Group Annual 2016

The London Group is the UK's longest running and most prestigious artists' collective. For over one hundred years there have been yearly exhibitions and you are warmly welcomed to this year's show; The London Group Members' Annual Exhibition will be held once again at the wonderful Cello Factory this Autumn.

"The London Group's mission statement is to advance public awareness of contemporary art and the Group is seriously committed to offering artists the opportunity for showing, nurturing and supporting the development of the art of the future." (Susan Haire - President).

In recognition of today's increasingly diversified art scene, the exhibition will feature works in a large range of mediums, including painting, sculpture, drawing, print, photography, digital, mixed media, installation, and video.

12th - 21st October, The Cello Factory, 33-34 Cornwall Road, London SE1 8TJ

'The deaf canvas listens...'

21-28 April 2016, Kensington and Chelsea College, SW10 0QS

This exhibition has been inspired by the quote from Walter Sickert a founder member and President of The London Group "On a series of apparently tiresome, flat sittings seeming to lead nowhere - one day something happens, the touches seem to 'take', the deaf canvas listens, your words flow and you have done something."

The work includes painting, sculpture, drawing, mixed media, digital, photography, and video and provides an excellent opportunity to see recent work by the following 40 Members of the Group. Moich Abrahams, Wendy Anderson, Bryan Benge, Slawomir Blatton, Clive Burton, Peter Clossick, Tim Craven, Philip Crozier, Jeff Dellow, James Faure Walker, Cadi Froehlich, Tricia Gillman, Susan Haire, Julie Held, Bill Henderson, Martin Heron, Gillian Ingham, Judith Jones, Matthew Kolakowski, Jeff Lowe, Graham Mileson, C. Morey de Morand, Charlotte C. Mortensson, Kathleen Mullaniff, Eugene Palmer, Ian Parker, Janet Patterson, Daniel Preece, David Redfern, Tom Scase, Tommy Seaward, Philippa Stjernsward, Suzan Swale, David Tebbs, Paul Tecklenberg, David Theobald, Mike Thorpe, Philippa Tunstill, Bill Watson, Susan Wilson, David Wiseman.

The London Group has had a long association with Kensington and Chelsea College, several members teach and have taught there. A special thank you to Matthew Kolakowski Head of Fine Art who has facilitated the exhibition.

Vic Kuell RIP

Vic Kuell died on 30 September 2015 at 91. Friend, tutor and role-model to many members, he will be sadly missed. Vic loved and revered The London Group and it played a central part in his life. He was elected to the Group in 1981. He became Treasurer in 1990 and was also an Honorary Member. He re-wrote the Constitution around 2005 with Morris Kestelman making it as open and enabling as possible and we use their version today with gratitude. Vic came be seen as the most highly regarded head hanger of London Group exhibitions and this was his role for many years.

As a testament to what the Group meant to him, in 2010 Vic gave paintings on paper to the Group to raffle one work a month for a year and about 700 pounds was raised. And now he has left all his paintings to The London Group to be sold to raise funds. We will hold an exhibition of the work at The Cello Factory, probably in 2017. As well as wanting to leave this valuable legacy to the Group Vic particularly wanted members to be able to have his paintings at affordable prices. Vic's loyalty to the Group was unsurpassed. Not only did he never miss a Group show or event until very recently but he went to every exhibition that a member was in and lamented that more members didn't do the same. Vic's final outing was to deliver his last painting to The London Group Open - a supporter to the end!

New Members

This year after a somewhat chaotic but fun selection process The London Group elected five new members to join the Group. The five artists work in a wide range of artistic mediums from photography to constructions to metal sculpture. Three of them were prize winners at the recent Open exhibition. One of them has joined the Group for the second time. We are looking forward to see what new ideas and skills they all bring to the Group.

Tim Craven

Jeff Dellow

Cadi Froehlich

Martin Heron

Judith Jones


Combines is a small Group Exhibition curated by Mark Dickens inspired by the innovative combination artworks of Robert Rauschenberg and others in the 50s and 60s.

The show features work by Ece Clarke, Mark Dickens, Susan Haire, Annie Johns, Eric Moody, Charlotte C Mortensson, Janet Nathan, Michael Phillipson, David Redfern, Tom Scase, Tommy Seaward, Suzan Swale, and Anthony Whishaw RA in collaboration with film maker Alessandro Farrattini.

December 3-7 2015
The Cello Factory

Follow this link to see a documentary by Alessandro Farrattini about the Combines show on YouTube

The London Group Open 2015

70 members were shown in the 2015 Open, and 71 non-members. There are over £5000 in prizes and materials up for grabs including a three person show at the Cello Factory which was won by Cadi Froehlich, Martin Heron and Darren Nisbett all of whom have since gone on to join the group as full members. Here are the members and non members in the show.

Moich Abrahams, Mark Ainsworth, Wendy Anderson, Victoria Bartlett, Bryan Benge, Slawomir Blatton, Frank Bowling OBE RA, Clive Burton, Paul & Laura Carey, Ece Clarke, Robert Clarke, Peter Clossick, John Crossley, Philip Crozier, Mark Dickens, Angela Eames, Anthony Eyton RA, James Faure Walker, Eric Fong, Marenka Gabeler, Genetic Moo, Tricia Gillman, Anthony Green RA, Susan Haire, Julie Held, Bill Henderson, Aude Hérail Jäger, John Holden, Gillian Ingham, Albert Irvin OBE RA, Annie Johns, Richard Kemp, Matthew Kolakowski, Victor Kuell, Amanda Loomes, Jeff Lowe, Graham Mileson, Eric Moody, C. Morey De Morand, Peter Morrell, Charlotte C. Mortensson, Kathleen Mullaniff, Janet Nathan, Eugene Palmer, Ian Parker, Janet Patterson, Michael Phillipson, Chris Poulton, Daniel Preece, Alex Ramsay, David Redfern, Dame Paula Rego, Tom Scase, Tommy Seaward, David Shutt, Susan Skingle, Philippa Stjernsward, Suzan Swale, David Tebbs, Paul Tecklenberg, David Theobald, Michael Thorpe, Philippa Tunstill, Bill Watson, Neil Weerdmeester, Tisna Westerhof, Anthony Whishaw RA, Arthur Wilson, Susan Wilson, Erika Winstone and finally David Wiseman

Kay Bainbridge,Martin Heron,Susan Petticrew,Alex Bunn,David Hogan,Charlie Schaffer,Lynn Carter,Michael Johnson,Aindreas Scholz,Lucy Cash,Susie Koren,Jessie Sheffield,Tim Craven,Luce,YiMiao Shih,Jereme Crow,Mark Lungley,Angela Smith,Jeff Dellow,Karolina Magnusson-Murray,Almuth Tebbenhoff,Cadi Froehlich,James Milne,Eithne Twomey,Nicholas Gentilli,Liz Rajmohani Mundle,Anne Wallace,Steph Goodger,Dominic Negus,Ziling Wang,A Hampson,Simon Nicholas,Emma Witter,Alexandra Harley,Claire Parrish,Qinrun Yu,Susan Absolon,Kristian Evju,George Meyrick,Amanda Ansell,Sharon Hall,Darren Nisbett,Belinda Bailey,David Hamilton,Richard Proctor,Louise Balaam,Kaori Homma,Sue Ridge,Richard Starbuck,Amanda Benson,Jae Jo,Richard Starbuck,Orlanda Broom,Judith Jones,Amanda Tseng,Stephen Carley,Arthur Lanyon,Laurence Wale,Gemma Cossey,Rosie Leventon,Lois Wallace,Stathis Dimitriadis,Hywel Livingstone,Zheni Warner,Caitriona Dunnett,Natasha Malik,Christine Watson,Andrew Ekins,Enzo Marra,Eleanor Wood,Saliha Elhoussaini,Ryota Matsumot

Photos from the 2015 Open here

The London Art Book Fair

For the first time The London Group took a stall at the UK's biggest art book fair. The group will be selling over 20 different art books by the members. The fair was a success with over 30 artist books sold. Thanks to Lydia Julien for all her efforts in organising this event.

This free fair at the Whitechapel Gallery presents the best in international contemporary art publishing. Browse beautiful artists' books, rare art publications and catalogues from over 80 publishers. Enjoy a packed programme of talks and events, get involved in workshops on print and bookmaking and have your books signed by leading artists and authors.

Opening times:
Friday 26th Sept 11am-9pm
Saturday 27th 11am-6pm
Sunday 28th 11am-6pm
Whitechapel Gallery

Summer Newsletter 2014

The latest newsletter is available online (see above). The jam packed issue includes articles on The Tate Reception, A day in the life of Genetic Moo, Cello Factory exhibitions: The London Group on London and Talking Walls. Interviews with Vic Kuell and the transcript from the BBC London Tonight news item and finally a review of the Chelsea Arts Club show.

Thanks to Annie Johns, Sue Sluggle and others and the PR team for putting this together.

New Members

This year after an extended selection process The London Group elected two new members to join the group. There are now 90 artists in the group.

Juliette Losq

Tisna Westerhof

Reviews of Uproar! at Ben Uri

The show Uproar! has been getting some good reviews. Below are a selection of links

Fifty works by 50 artists go on show in this closely packed, historically evocative survey by Jackie Wullschlager for the Financial Times

Celebrating the Centenary of The London Group in A Kick Up The Arts

Uproar! British modernism from The London Group @BenUriGallery, London on The Flaneur website

Uproar continues to get mainly good reviews, this one from The Times

A shocker from Brian Sewell of the Evening Standard

Positive stuff from Studio International.

The London Group and the Café Royal

The London Group members are meeting up on Friday 25th October at the Café Royal London to celebrate 100 years to the day of The Group's first recorded meeting.

In Edwardian London the Café Royal was a popular meeting place for artists and also members of the French community. One such group of artists was the Camden Town Group who were renamed and expanded in numbers to become The London Group in 1913. The Café Royal was situated in Regent Street, close to Piccadilly Circus and so was a convenient location for artists and guests to seek refreshments and to share gossip and news with the French clientele. Paris was the leading artistic capital of Europe at the time, having 'hosted' Post-Impressionism and now fostering Cubism and Fauvism. Avant-garde British artists, especially those in The London Group, looked to French painting as their model.

The Café Royal has recently been reopened as a luxury 5 star hotel where an absinthe cocktail will set you back £20. Santé! The London Group - may you last another 100 years.

The London Group: a history 1913-2013 by David Redfern

Despite The London Group celebrating its One Hundredth Anniversary in 2013 no complete history of the Group has ever been written...that is, until now! "The London Group: a history 1913-2013" written by David Redfern, a current member of the Group, tells the story of this well known artists' exhibiting cooperative from its origins as an enlargement of the Camden Town Group in 1913 through one hundred years of triumphs and tears to the vibrant and enthusiastic Group it is today, all set in a cultural, social and geographical context.

(Softback 416 pages with many B&W and colour illustrations)

The book costs £20 and is available from

Harvey Daniels (1936-2013) An appreciation

I first met Harvey at meetings of the United Kingdom National Committee of the International Association of Art at Richard Carline's house in Hampstead and later when we attended IAA conferences in Stuttgart and Helsinki as joint members of the UK delegation. He was a client and friend of Robert Coward, my partner. We often visited Harvey and Judy in Brighton. Their two daughters, Zoe and Prudence, are only a few years older than our daughter, Sunshine. In 1987 I put forward Harvey as a member of the London Group. Harvey was a wonderful artist. I loved his slightly pop-art inspired early works, and his later less figurative paintings and prints. His paintings were joyful and he loved colour. Harvey was kind, generous, funny and extremely perceptive, especially on matters to do with art. He was always supportive of other artists. He wrote the introduction to my 'Catalogue of Fear' retrospective exhibition at the Gardner Centre, Brighton. Harvey exhibited his work widely in the UK and abroad and his work is in many public collections, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. He was a founder member of the Printmakers’ Council. He produced a portfolio of twelve artists' prints to raise money for the IAA.

His own artwork always looked fresh and distinctively a Harvey Daniels. He never seemed to age, he always dressed beautifully with colourful glasses and very distinctive shoes. He was always a staunch supporter and friend of the London Group and its values. He was a real artist in everything he did, through good times and bad, whatever the weather, and now he is gone. And we miss him. But his wonderful lively colourful paintings and prints live on. He is an extra star in the sky in a dark night and we will never forget his kindness and energy.


UPROAR! The first 50 years of The London Group 1913-1963

To celebrate The London Group's centenary year, Ben Uri will curate and host a major historical exhibition, Uproar!: The first 50 years of The London Group 1913-1963, examining the first half century in the group's turbulent history.

This is the first extensive survey of the Group's first 50 years. During these early decades, these often innovative and daring works consistently provoked a sense of 'uproar' stimulating the public's appetite for the new.

This exhibition and book embody the essence of British modernism. 100 years later, many of these 'Uproarious' radicals are now cornerstones of twentieth century British art history. 31st Oct 2013 - 2nd March 2014 Ben Uri Museum & Gallery 108a Boundary Road St John's Wood London NW8 0RH ADMISSION FREE.

See Ben Uri's website for further information

New Members

The following five new members have been selected to join The London Group in 2013, so now there are 90 artists in the group.

Eric Fong

Vaughan Grylls

Marenka Gabeler

Susan Sluglett

David Wiseman

Artists selected for Open 2013

Congratulations to the following 76 artists who have been selected to show in the Centenary Open. We look forward to seeing their work hung alongside contributions by the members.

Vaughan Grylls, Camilla Emson, Guillermo Monroy, Kaori Homma, Amanda Benson, Mary-Jane Opie, Jane Webb, Rob Miller, Angela Smith, Dominic Negus, Dominic Watson, James Allen, Michael Clark, Charlotte Jonerheim, Austin Cole, Wynn Jones, Rossanne Pellegrino, Paul Gadenne, Caroline Jane Harris, Edward Hryniewicz, Roger Woodiwiss, Yoshimi Kihara, Tim Garwood, Stathis Dimitriadis, Anna Lewis, Eugene Nyee Macki, Melissa Alley, Ruth Solomons, Brian Deighton, Kate Giles, Andrew McCafferty, Tila Rodriguez-Past, Georgina McNamara, Terry Ryan, Miki Shaw, An Gee Chan, Imogen Ward, Maya Ramsay, Carolyn Gowdy, Will Teather, Shelley Wilson, Mark Neumann, Linda Lieberman, Rosie Leventon, Neil Bryant, Paul Hodge, Serena Smith, Madeline Churchill, David R Watson, Polly Bagnall, Helen Banzhaf, Eric Fong, Nicholas Gentilli, Miho Sato, Dean Marsh, Steve Johnson, Saliha Elhoussaini, Jessica Mallock, David Jane, Eliza Bennett, Marguerite Horner, Michael Ward, Christopher Appleby, Stephanie Conway, Judith Jones, Jolene Mok, Victoria Margarita Ahrens, Srinivas Surti, Debbie Lee, Louise Whittles, Dina Varpahovsky, Sumi Perera, Tisna Westerhof, Marenka Gabeler, Steph Goodger, Bronte Woodruff

London Landmark article by Peter Clossick for the Artist & Illustrator magazine.

Click here to download a pdf of the article.

Scan from the Hampshire Chronicle

See The London Group's Centenary on the BBC

Link to BBC's arts and entertainmant website.

Article in a-n

"Tonight (22 January) sees the opening of the London Group’s Centenary Exhibition. And what better way to celebrate 100 years than by showing 100 artworks..." Text by Jack Hutchinson

a-n website.

Still eclectic after all these years - artists celebrate 100 years of the London Group

We were pleased to meet Mark Brown from The Guardian at Pitzhanger Manor last week and read his excellent piece on Wednesday 23rd January.

Here is the article on The Guardian's website.

The Centenary Open 2013

The Group's famous Open submission exhibition launched in January.

Artists in all mediums from painting to video were shown in this two part exhibition of group members and members of the public in the Cello Factory. The guest selectors are Jane England, Bruce McLean and Nicholas Usherwood and there were prizes worth £5000 and the chance for a solo show.

Photo albums from LG Shows here

One Hundred Plus Draw 2012

The One Hundred Plus Draw took place on October the 4th at the Cello Factory and was a huge success raising a lot of money for the group which will go towards making the centenary a triumph. Thanks to Gill Ingham for coming up with the idea and making it happen.

Over 100 artists donated works including past and present members and artists who have shown with the Group at recent Open Exhibitions. Invited artists included Glen Baxter, Eileen Cooper, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Robyn Denny, William Feaver, Maggi Hambling, Ian McKeever and the Kenneth Martin Estate.

Tickets for The Draw were £100 each with everyone guaranteed a work of art. The tickets were drawn out of a tin hat on the night and the first person drawn could choose from the whole exhibition. The next person drawn could chose from what was left and so on. Right down to the last few pieces.

The art works in The Draw

Photos of the event on Flickr

New logo and website

The London Group held a competition for a new logo design and it was won by Robin Rutherford of Macy Design. The logo will sit on top of the new website which will be launched in 2013 and will cover the exhibitions and events of the Centenary year.