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The London Group Open 2017

Submission open from 24th April to 29th August, 2017

The UK's longest-running and most prestigious artists' co-operative, The London Group, is delighted to announce its 83rd Open Exhibition. In recognition of today's increasingly diversified art scene, The London Group Open welcomes innovative, challenging works in any medium, including painting, sculpture, drawing, print, photography, digital, audio, mixed media, installation, video and performance. Successful entrants to this year's Open will see their work hung in one of two exhibitions staged during November and December 2017 at The Cello Factory.

The successful artists are listed here

The prize winners are here

The Mesh at Watermans Art Centre

17 March - 21 May 2017, Daily 10am - 9pm, 40 High St, Brentford, TW8 0DS

Several members use computers as an important part of their practice. Participating artists : Bryan Benge, Angela Eames, James Faure Walker, Cadi Froehlich, Eric Fong, Genetic Moo, Judith Jones, Amanda Loomes, Peter Lowe, Ian Parker, Victoria Rance, Paul Tecklenberg, David Theobald, & Erika Winstone.

Viewpoints at Felix & Spear

2 February - 23 February 2017, Felix & Spear, 71 St. Mary's Road, London W5 5RG

Nearly twenty percent of the group's ninety distinguished artists of this established collective, work from, or use as source material, the natural world. The London Group exhibitors in this exhibition are: David Shutt, Marenka Gabeler, Slav Blatton, Daniel Preece, Peter Clossick, Julie Held, Susan Wilson, David Tebbs, Tim Craven, Victoria Bartlett, Mike Thorpe, David Wiseman, Anthony Eyton RA, Jane Humphrey, Gus Cummins RA, and Mark Dunford.

The London Group Annual Exhibition 2016

12th - 21st October, The Cello Factory, London SE1 8TJ

"The London Group's mission statement is to advance public awareness of contemporary art and the Group is seriously committed to offering artists the opportunity for showing, nurturing and supporting the development of the art of the future." (Susan Haire - President).

In recognition of today's increasingly diversified art scene, the exhibition will feature works in a large range of mediums, including painting, sculpture, drawing, print, photography, digital, mixed media, installation, and video.

The London Group Open 2015

The London Group Open 2015 offers a wonderful opportunity for emerging and established artists to raise their profile, win cash and material prizes worth over £5,000 and exhibit their work to the public alongside the Group’s esteemed members. This year, entries were made online for the first time, simplifying the application process. Works can be in any medium including painting, sculpture, drawing, print, photography, audio, digital, mixed media, installation, video and performance. Successful entrants will see their work hung in one of two exhibitions, staged during October and November 2015 at The Cello Factory.

List of members exhibiting

List of non-members exhibiting

Prizes 2015


28 April - 9 May 2015 Cello Factory, London

"Always it is by bridges that we live", from Bridge for the Living, Philip Larkin, Collected Poems, 2003.

A Small Group Exhibition by eleven members of The London Group - works include installation, painting, video and sculpture: Laura Carey, Marenka Gabeler, Aude Hérail Jäger, Samantha Jarman, Amanda Loomes, Charlotte C. Mortensson, Susan Sluglett, Suzan Swale, Tisna Westerhof, Susan Wilson, Erika Winstone.

London is a bridge. It was the lowest point at which the Thames could be bridged. It joins people. It makes connections. Diverse connections. Eleven members of The London Group identify in their work a permanent momentum to cross-reference, reach over to other domains, link and re-orientate.

The London Group in Southampton

From David Bomberg to Paula Rego
June 28th - November 1st 2014
Southampton City Art Gallery has Britain's largest collection of work by The London Group. The collection was started in 1954 after a highly successful London Group exhibition held during that year, and it has continued to be built up until today. For the first time, the gallery is showing the historic works together alongside contemporary work by current members in a dynamic show representing many of Britain's greatest 20th and 21st century artists.

Wall Talk by Maya Ramsay

The Cello Factory, London
April 26th - May 4th 2014 The London Group Solo Show Award winner Maya Ramsay will be exhibiting surfaces lifted from historically and politically significant buildings.

The London Group On London

The Cello Factory, London
27th Feb - 12th March 2014

Simply an exhibition of art by London Group members about London.

"Uproar" The First 50 Years of The London Group 1913-1963

Ben Uri, the London Jewish Museum of Art
30th Oct - 2nd March 2014

An exhibition of works to show the tremendous impact that The London Group had on the British art world after its creation, to celebrate the centenary of the first London Group meeting, held on 25 October 1913.

This show will be accompanied by a major catalogue.

+100 The London Group Today

The Cello Factory, London
16th Nov - 13th Dec

Current Group members respond to the historic works in the Ben Uri exhibition in this exhibition of contemporary work in all media.

The Centenary Open 2013

The Cello Factory, London
Part 1: 14th - 24th May
Part 2: 28th May - 7th June

The London Group's biennial Open gives artists, particularly emerging artists, the chance to exhibit their work. This year 76 successful applicants will be shown alongside works by 61 of The London Group members. The Press Release below contains more information about the centenary, the Open and the prizes.

Centenary Year Programme

This press release covers the major exhibitions and events of the centenary year.

Centenary Exhibition

PM Gallery & House
23rd Jan-9th March

100 contemporary works of painting, print, sculpture, video and site-specific installations by the current members of the historic London Group.

The London Group at 100

Mottisfont, Hampshire
9th Feb - 21st April

The London Group is delighted to be working with the National Trust at Mottisfont during its centenary year. Mottisfont House exhibits, and has listed within its catalogue, eighteen major works by artists who have been members of The Group.

The London Group at 100 brings together the Group's historic pieces with works by over 40 of its current members and includes contemporary paintings, sculpture, moving image and photography.