Alexandra Harley


paper and wood painted

Height : 97cm   Width : 150cm   Depth : 121cm  

Birika is a paper sculpture concealed in the trees, the bright yellow revealing its presence. The wood bundles are held tightly in the paper and then fan out when they are released; they seek the freedom and independence to explore and reach out after the tight constraints of the paper. They have broken free, relishing the openness and the space to breathe. The paint of the bright coloured ends of the wood, highlights and indicates their furthest extent; some have reached further than others, but all are able to breathe.
The paper is a substantial construction, a combination of recycled papers used both as layers and as pulp. The apple wood lengths pierce through the heart of the paper and extend into the surrounding air.

Supporting Materials

While waiting for Birika, a paper sculpture to dry between each layer, I worked on a series of drawings related to the way the sculpture was developing. I explored potential ideas that would not necessarily be possible to include in Birika but would or might, inform aspects of it. I also used the drawings to generate new ideas for other, future sculptures. I used different media for each set of drawings to create very different results and to explore different ideas.