james roseveare

A Commitment to Change

Steel plinth, stone

Height : 178cm   Width : 107cm   Depth : 40cm  

A 'Commitment to Change' is a response to the human spirit and our fragile relationship with the world.

Supporting Materials

Concrete blocks. Nuevo Monte Libano, Chiapas, Mexico.

Roadworks, mining, construction, demolition, archeology, geology . . . .
things which are of the earth; from ancient material to new conglomerates of the Anthropocene. Overarching these themes is the principle of CHANGE.

My sculpture, 'A Commitment to Change' is a work which has been inspired by such change. I have a curiosity of what lies beneath; I am fascinated when cracks appear in our society and what that may say about the fragility and complexity of our culture.

Travelling on 'new' dirt roads into the jungle I came upon this very small scale industry. This was a one person operation with a small machine which made eight or so blocks at a time. After some drying time the blocks were eventually put out to fully dry in the sun. The amount of blocks meant there was a great demand. The complexity of an incessant need to build and expand along with the need to make a basic living were highlighted against a backdrop of an ever diminishing jungle.

Mexico City airport

Architecture has a huge influence on my artistic practice especially that which is found in large public buildings such as airports. This particular photo demonstrating themes of huge scale, mass and counterbalance.

Stone Arch

I have a keen interest about the basic elements of construction and how the thoughts and processes behind such ideas may have emerged. Such developments are often taken for granted but the subsequent effects on our culture have been immense.

Road excavation, The City, London

I took this photo in March 2020 just days before the start of the first lockdown. I was in The City of London - the streets were silent and unpopulated, work seemed to have stopped. Coming up for air this soil could breathe.