Cadi Froehlich

Contrast Monolith


Height : 160cm   Width : 60cm   Depth : 60cm  

This ceramic monolith draws from the architecture of the features of the original Festival of Britain pleasure garden. The designs were modern, colourful and exciting. The contrast with the national mood in early 2021 seemed stark to me- the global pandemic and polarised political atmosphere felt very old and drab. So the form references the original themes, but the colours are washed out. However, Pantone declared grey and yellow the colours of 2021. Grey is a mix of the extremes black and white, and yellow offers hope and brightness, so there is optimisim and hope in this peice.
My work is about human connections and the materiality of the networks. Recent ceramics take the silica in microchips as a starting point, and present tangiable forms of the mineral in clay form.