Mandee Gage


Wood, seeds, natural objects and found objects

Height : 200cm   Width : 50cm   Depth : 50cm  

Anukampa is a sanskrit term meaning compassion toward all living beings and a desire to eliminate suffering through practical steps. Here is the root of the wealth of our world. Despite producing the food we eat and the oxygen we breathe, we show scant regard for the environment and its complex evolved systems. The work is a shrine to something lost, but also honours all those seeds, in all aspects of life that have growth potential. There is a vain attempt to mend the broken but also a glimmer of hope that the seeds can endure and find fertile soil.

Supporting Materials

Sketches of several ideas around use of natural resources, in particular deforestation and the effect of that on our environment. I have been increasingly recycling plastic for some pieces and using natural object for others. This way avoiding using newly created things. The aim is to engage with what is a very current and ongoing problem. There is an element of animism, joy of simple process, shrine making and the natural magic of intention.

Selection of objects, from many collected in order to experiment with the process of mending a dead tree. I want to join and add these to the trunk and the cut branches.

Trying different methods of attaching the objects. This will be a solo tree, naked apart from the collection of seeds and fruits attached. When isolating a single living thing, an insect or a bare tree, ones attention becomes concentrated and then the thought of mass loss comes like a tsunami to the soul. I want there to be a kindness to the action of repair though, a tenderness in the desire to mend.

Anukampa means 'wise compassion that alleviates suffering and its cause'. Mixed media installation with mended and honoured tree. Acknowledging the role of trees in creating oxygen.