Annie Johns


365 plant labels, marker pen, earth

Width : 60cm   Depth : 60cm  

Chthonic phrases coming up for air from the deep, dark depth of winter. Using extracts (written on 365 plant labels pushed into a circle in the earth) from books already on my shelves; gathering nature notes seemed appropriate for these times. The circle of earth divided into twelve monthly segments containing an extract for each day of the month.

Supporting Materials

Chosen site for work, hidden from the main part of the churchyard and not obvious.

Measuring template for the ground - the circle of earth divided into 12 slices denoting months of the year

Sources for extracts of nature notes - I found all I needed without leaving home. During lockdown I found consolation in nature (my garden and allotment)and creating this anthology of 365 short extracts has underlined the sense of wonder gained from observing the minutiae.

A task to find a fragment of text for each day of the year, transposing this to individual plant labels. Imagine these labels sprouting from the earth, colonising the garden with thoughts of nature.