Chris Horner

Primary Scientific Time Data (PSTD) #1

Mixed media on Cotton mesh dust sheet

Height : 310cm   Width : 269cm   Depth : 80cm  

PSTD #1 was created from a process known as an 'unknown working process'. The key word is 'unknown' as this means to not know and to animate characteristics of the unfamiliar. It is a work of art that evokes themes of the unexplained, and is a form that captures an active force between artist, building materials and art supplies, all displaying this consistent state of modification. The working methods used were operated through complexed decisions of adding and removing, which reshapes interesting concepts of times past, present and future.

Supporting Materials

Primary Scientific Time Data (PSTD) #1 was created at the end of my MA. It was one of three works that was exhibited for my final show. I produced an environment for the works to position themselves in, I was less interested in having the works on display in a clean white space, so instead I worked on the final adjustments for each piece within the space, this is where bits of debris fell from the work leaving the works identity on the floor and walls of the space.

This image presents (PSTD) #1 in my studio whilst I was studying on my MA. I created a working system for the making of (PSTD) #1 where each working action was carried out in stages. For example, stage 1 documented the evolvement of (PSTD) #1 from Monday to Thursday and Stage 2 documented the last few days of my working week. Each photo that was taken provided a visual enquiry into how the selected art supplies and building materials were working together, and showcasing this dramatic transformation in surface and form.

A strict regimented plan is always used when I work on the building site with my Dad, every stage in our making has to be precise, meaning that time has to be used effectively. I produced a Time Record Sheet whilst I was making (PSTD) #1. I did this because I wanted to record my every move as well as write down any changes, which was being made to the work. It was a time cycle which lasted 3 months, this took into account the mixing process, dunking technique, tying and drying stage, the investigation stage as well as the capturing and recording of paint to the cotton mesh surface.

This written document provides information on how I came up with the title: Primary Scientific Time Data (PSTD) #1.