Sheila Vollmer

Bolt II

Painted Steel, tinted Perspex & fixings

Height : 140cm   Width : 110cm   Depth : 115cm  

'Bolt II' placed on one of the raised grassy mounds of the church garden will sit like some strange new plant bursting open and upwards to catch light and hope; reflecting the blue grey sky. Exploring line, form and space in steel and tinted Perspex, 'Bolt II' references natural systems of growth, architecture, and the body's relationship to these. Constructing with steel angle in a modular rhythm of replicated units and angles creates a channel both opening and containing space. Added bolts of colour of the tinted Perspex Triangles and painted steel surface accentuate the inside/outside of the lines, forms, touch points and negative spaces adding rhythm and energy to the ever-changing views. This new work is in process and the attached image shows the steel angle structure with 5 blue tinted Perspex triangles. The film is peeled off one of the Triangles showing off the electric blue edge and tinted face which will feature on all of the Perspex once complete.

Supporting Materials

The attached image shows 'Bolt II' in progress in Steel painted, before the tinted Perspex triangles have be added.

This images shows 'Bolt II' in progress with steel lines outlining the size and shape of the tinted blue Perspex triangles to be added.

This image shows the effect of the electric blue edge & reflective character of the tinted Blue Perspex combined with Steel painted and shown in a garden setting.

Blue Lift I is a previous sculpture commissioned for the Chelsea Flower Show 2018 giving an example of my use of steel and Perspex in a garden setting.