Almuth Tebbenhoff

Time Machine

Steel Paint

Height : 220cm   Width : 65cm   Depth : 60cm  

I love the simplicity and power of ancient stone stelae, but I work mostly in steel. So I decided to make a steel stela , eventually more than one. I finished this one just before the pandemic got going and I look forward to making the next ones. I titled it Time Machine because I can stand in it and then it becomes a Tardis that takes me back or forward in time. Just now I yearn for pre-pandemic times and who would blame me. Yet that wouldn't be right because during the past year the world has begun to wake up to a much deeper, more brutal reality and consequently the need for us all taking responsibility for our actions. So this itself is good. Now I would like to look into the future for some good news.

Supporting Materials

Time Machine is several things, in the workshop we got used to calling it The Coffin. I like to stand in it and wish myself onto a different planet where there's milk and honey flowing in the rivers and endless sunshine and love.

workshop photo of Time Machine roughly tacked together with the model inside

Detail of the sculpture of an empty space, sometimes referred to as the coffin. Steel can be so beautiful.

More stelae, a project for the future..